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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Trainers are suppose to be taking blood from their Primary Dolphins. This is Bobby Rideb taking blood from his Dolphin Rubak. Trainers take blood every month for check ups. They have to keep track of their Red blood cell count, White blood cell count and to make sure that their blood don`t contain any viruses.

Now Finding the vein is very tricky, if you miss poke, your not able to get blood from your dolphin. As you can see he was able to find the sweet spot. You can see the blood flowing through the needle, thats how you know that you got the spot. You have to steady and you have to have a hands of a doctor.... You need to at least fillup 2 viles to get enough for testing.


Good Job to the Trainers at Dolphin`s Pacific trying to keep their dolphins healthy.
 Jellyfish Lake. Were the Jelly fish swim in a thousands. No stingers just having fun....Here in Palau we have about 8 lakes and only1 of them are open for guest. While the others are protected....Come to Palau and expirience the Beauti of Palau. Left:Bobby Rideb    Right:Sherwin Matm

Love & Marrage

The Sunset here in Palau. A very special and good timing for a special event....
 A Special day to get Married. To Mr. and Mrs. Chemereg. May life take you on an adventure, may it bring you happines and love. Congradulations and may God watch you and your wife enjoy a new beginning...

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

These are the boys at dolphins pacific who make the dolphin bay a great place to work and a place for full on fun..... Were will you go this new year... The four guys on this photo will help you find your way in life, just look at the picture of where they will end up.... They are helping you point out your path for your life for this new year 2012.. Please be advise its up to you to take their advice, if you do i wonder were you will end up...

This is Sherwin christmas has been so great for him, look at hat he got. This Christmas our staff was able to get what he always wanted for years and years, finally Santa came to Palau.... I wonder what he`s thinking, maybe you can guess what he`s thinking I`ll leave it up to you.... I hope he will try to conserve it so it can last, its very seldom that Santa comes to Palau its really hard to find..... I really hope he`s happy... I wonder whats he doing now.... Thats him on the photo holding his present..... I guess he was on Santa`s good and hard to find list.....

Hey look Its a baby turtle that we found in one of our dolphins pool.. Baby turtles usually drift to our facility all the time, so we get a lot of them as for the 2 staff you see on the picture their both idiots their very rare and hard to find. the one holding the Turtle is a Junior Trainer (Bobby) and the staff behind him is a Maintanance staff fixing our facility, but we love them both as family.....

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Coral Planting

Here at Dolphins Pacific we don`t only have Programs for dolphins, we also have programs for guest who are interested in Planting Corals. You can see from the left there is a photo with a person holding a coral that we just cloned and planted it into a little cement pot. Now this pot is easily broken so that when the coral starts growing bigger it is able to latch on anything near by. The coral is than put into a little holder to keep it straight like what you see on the second photo... Then it is placed into a cage underwater to start growing(third photo). The last photo is the coral growing on its own and spreading...
Guest are able to learn intersting facts about corals and how to plant them.. Its a very good program for younger generation so that they can continue on planting mor for Palau... We hope that 5 to 10 years from now Palau will still be as beautiful as it is today.......

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Bubble Ring

When your diving try it, see if your able to make one. Its dificult at first but when you get it you sill be satisfied.. If you dive with our dolphins you will be lucky if the trainers make a bubble ring and have them go through it.

This is Layla one of our best dolphins @ our bay...She is the only dolphin able to do all the programs without any problems... You are able to swim with her or even dive with her, and if you are a One Day Trainer your able to be her trainer and ask one of 40 signs with her including feeding also she will give you a ride     (Dorsal Tow)

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Palauan Dolphins

These two beautiful baby dolphins are the first successfull dolphins to survive here at dolphins pacific.... Also good news we are expecting 1 to 2 babies this year, our family is getting bigger....
Momoroi was born on October, 18, 2010
Lebuu was born on December, 11, 2010

Here are the baby dolphins swimming with their mother... We have Layla and her son Lebuu, Roxy and her lovely little girl Momiroi swimming together..

This photo was taken by a diver that makes sure that our baby dolphins stay safe within their pools.. He is responsible of making sure that the nets are in good condition...

I want to give a special thanks to that diver, without him our dolphins would not have survive this long.

Here is Sherwin Foram diving about 8:30 in the morning checking the nets if they have any holes and making sure its in good shape before our customers come to do their program... Thank you for your hard work for keeping our dolphins safe.....